We have redefined the mobile billboard sector over the last 20 years and earned a reputation for Swiss-clock dependability. With years of on the road experience and media efficiency, we can offer very competitive rates. Your mobile billboard program will be simple to launch and fun and easy to monitor. You can send us your ad design or request that our award-winning art department create a compelling image for you. We will provide you with the media assistance you require, address all of your questions and concerns, and produce a successful mobile billboard campaign as a result. One that works with your marketing plan, your media budget, and provides you with a profitable return on your advertising efforts.

The final point is that mobile billboard advertising “cannot be bypassed or blocked” (according to the 2017 Magna Global Media Report.) In particular, the younger adult demographic have mastered the technique of avoiding advertising by selecting ad-free, paid media. Most mobile billboards are protected from that danger. Our mobile billboards are huge, noticeable, and won’t be missed. Reaching your clients where they are offers you true power. Since the average American spends approximately 40,000 hours of their lifetime in a car, Billboards2Go is likely to slowly cruise by them on the road.

Hello, my name is Andrew Miler — VP of   I am your mobile billboard advertising expert.  I have been in the media business for over 25 years and specializing in mobile billboards since 1999. I offer the knowledge and skills that will help you create a winning outdoor advertising strategy.  Contact me directly to learn how to advertise your business with a B2G mobile billboard campaign.

Email me here: [email protected]  or contact me through LinkedIn  LinkedIn-Logo4545