Our managing office is based in midtown Manhattan and our main billboard depot, printing, and fabrication facilities are in northeast New Jersey. We are known as a one-stop shop for outdoor advertising exposure. Billboards2Go.com will be a valuable partner to help you get your message in front of the right audience. Our high-quality equipment will project a professional image that shows you mean business! We can be your “secret weapon” in your arsenal of advertising sales tools.

While maintaining a midtown Manhattan office, we don’t charge upscale Manhattan prices. Along with our nationally competitive media rates, you will have a premium service representing you. Your advertisement will be shown on the biggest and most attractive mobile billboards in the sector thanks to a growing fleet that includes many new units. Only our billboard trucks use our exclusive patent-pending “sign elevating technology” that enables the large billboard signs to rise up to 18 feet off the ground. With our high-resolution, full-color banner printing (along with optional 2-D and 3-D production capabilities) your mobile billboard ad will look fantastic and attract a lot of eyeballs. By utilizing our unique billboard media, our clients have achieved significant increases in their branding efforts, product sales, and consumer recognition goals.

Billboards2Go.com Mobile Billboard image - client - Pathmark NOTE:
We don’t follow a jack-of-all-trades philosophy; instead, we focus on one media type and, after more than 20 years in mobile, are regarded as industry leaders. We don’t project movies onto the sides of buildings, have bicycles pulling signs, or spray-paint logos on the sidewalks. Nevertheless, what we do (and do very well) is use our enormous, impressive mobile billboards to expose our clients’ advertisements in their selected key markets. Additionally, we are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Visit the photo gallery page to see more images of our mobile billboards in use.