We have refined our mobile billboard media skills over the past 20+ years, developing a reputation for Swiss-clock-like reliability. The process of starting your mobile billboard program will be easy. You may supply us with your ad design or have our award-winning art department create a powerful image for you. From design to production, we will offer you the media support that you need, and answer all of your questions and concerns, and the result will be an effective mobile billboard campaign. One that fits your marketing strategy, and media budget, and offers you a positive return on your ad dollar investment.

Lastly, mobile billboard advertising “cannot be skipped or blocked” (according to the 2017 Magna Global Media Report.) Younger people, in particular, “have become experts at avoiding advertising by choosing ad-free, paid-for media. Mobile Billboards are largely immune from that threat. Our mobile billboards are big, bold, and will not be overlooked. The real power comes from meeting your customers where they are. And since the average American spends over 101 minutes in a car each day–almost 40,000 hours throughout their lifetime–there’s a good chance Billboards2Go will be meeting them on the road.

“Hello, my name is Andrew Miler — VP of   I am your mobile billboard advertising expert.  I have been in the media business for over twenty years and specializing in mobile billboards since 1999. I offer the knowledge and skills that will help you create a winning outdoor advertising strategy.  Contact me directly to learn how to advertise your business with a mobile billboard campaign.”

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