« of 2 » may be your best choice if you’re looking to rent a parade float in the tri-state New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut markets. We provide first-rate mobile billboard services for parade floats during one-day events. We have a number of affordable turn-key options that can help you get ready for your parade quickly.

With our full color, specially created banners, we are a quick and easy source for parade float events (approx. 500 square feet of message space)
The addition of personalized accessories like decorative tinsel, 2-D and 3-D elements, lighting effects, balloon arches, flags, audio, pulled trailers, and more!

The Top 7 Reasons to hire us for your parade float needs:

  1.  Our mobile billboard parade floats look great!
  2.  With about 500 sq ft of message space, your ad will really stand out from the other typical floats.
  3.  Unlimited Customization: From basic banners to full-blown 3-D elements, we have the prop shop to make your dreams come true.
  4.  Free graphic design assistance to create an awesome looking banner image (main side banners: 10 feet x 22″)
  5.  Quick turn-around: When push come to shove, we could be up and running in a week’s time.
  6.  We can store your banners Free for use on your next parade.
  7.  Cost Effective. For what we offer, the rates are extremely competitive.



  1. Mobile Billboard Unit – with Elevating Sign Technology.
  2. Billboard Operator (Float Driver)
  3. Complimentary Design Assistance.
  4. Banner Printing and Production.
  5. Tinsel on Lower Portion of Billboard Unit.
  6. Free Storage of banners after use.

Upgrades May Include: Sound, LED Lighting Effects, 2D/3D Elements, Balloons, Pulled Trailer, and Vinyl Wrap of Truck Cab and/or Billboard Base.